Professional Move In House Cleaning Services for You

Your dream home sure looked spotless during the open house. But gird yourself: No matter how clean the place seemed, it’s likely there are some dirty surprises in store for move-in day. We provide the best move in house cleaning services.

Move In House Cleaning Services in Singapore

  • Clean before you move in: Yes, you’re likely moving into a place that has been cleaned and cleaned again but do it once more; your own cleaners will likely smell better than the cheap brands your landlord uses.
  • Change your toilet seat: Call us squeamish but isn’t it time to start with a new seat? Replace your old throne with a new one and, while you’re at it, give the bathroom a good scrubbing.
  • Change the locks: Because you never know how many keys the old tenant shared.
  • Check for rodents and bugs and have the exterminator in: Ewww, yes but where there are humans there are bugs and often rodents. Have the exterminator spray, check for bugs and plug any rodent holes. Open the windows so the place can air out before you move in.
  • Clean and disinfect the fridge: Assuming your home comes with a fridge (many in LA do not, a big surprise to this New York transplant), clean it out and let it sit with disinfectant (try used coffee grounds) before you fill it up.
  • Speaking of which: Start with fresh condiments: no need to be using the same old ketchup. And those pickles? Don’t take ’em with you.
  • Consider your outlets: Once you have those heavy pieces of furniture in place it won’t be as easy to move them to put in a multi-plug plug.
  • Design your space: Measure your new space and have a plan so you can let the movers move the heavy stuff.